Sunday, October 7, 2018

Midnight on the Kazakh Border

When you turn 18 in Kyrgyzstan, you can't be on your family's visa any longer.  But you really can't get a different visa if you already have a valid one in your passport.  Solution?
Cross the Kazakhstan border at midnight, turn around and re-enter Kyrgyzstan with a 60-day tourist visa. ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.
Confused?  Welcome to the life of expatriates.  Otherwise known as Perpetual Visa Seekers.
 So Nial spent his birthday with his friend's family in Bishkek. (Said friend left home for a distant adventure, being a newly-minted adult himself.) Then he taxied to Kazakhstan and you know the rest.
 Except for this.
 He managed to get his sleepy self back to Jalalabad for a birthday supper the next day.  We lighted meatballs on fire which he clapped out after a sorry Happy Birthday chorus.  See coolness factor below.
One was left burning.  You know what that means.
One special friend.

What it really means is that even though he's an adult now, he won't be in a huge hurry to leave Jbad.


Donna Van Ee said...

meatballs over cake? That sounds like a man thing. And your family size in the photo! :( Thank goodness for Nadia!!

Wendy said...

Yes, meatballs over cake. He was a fan.

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