Saturday, September 29, 2018

Friend Party

Cherry Turnovers for breakfast.  Thank God for puff pastry in Central Asia.
 We used to say that our children could have a friend birthday party every five years.  The other years we invited family.  After a while, cousins became best friends anyway.
Our candle is so awesome.
We have no cousins in Kyrgyzstan.
Poor kids.
 But friends?  Check. 
And what do you know--it was his 15th birthday.  We are so consistent with our rules.  When they work out.
Every family member in country was also present.  All four of us.
The friends were shy and quiet at first.
They ate a lot though.
There's a new pizza joint in town.  The Hawaiian and Mexican varieties are surprisingly yummy.  Just don't come with any preconceived notions of how those kinds are supposed to taste.  Open your minds, fellow pizza seekers.  Pizza nirvana can be yours. 
 Theo ordered caramel cake.
From his mother's bakery.  I need a catchy name.

 After the food, everyone lost their shyness, and the games got rowdier.

 Theo says it's often like that;  just when things start getting fun, it's time to go.
Ah, the last vestiges of childhood.

Apparently these guys have said "Tah-tah" to childhood and rowdiness.
Or they ate too much caramel cake.


Donna Van Ee said...

I hope Theo has an incredible year ahead!
I love that now when I look at your photos I can feel myself sitting at your kitchen table with you eating a cherry turnover. I can imagine looking out the window behind Theo or looking at your island....I'm there! Except for your new pizza joint. I need to come back.

Wendy said...

You DO need to come back!

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