Friday, June 22, 2018

Did You Ever Imagine

The next-door-bestie for nigh 30 years flies around the earth to end up at my door again.

All those years of traipsing up and down gravel roads together just to get a workout in.
All the shared recipes, birthday parties, pregnancies, eating plans, family nights, curriculum, cupboard painting, farmers' wives woes and joys...

We never imagined this.

That we'd hike the oldest and largest walnut forest in the world.
And admire an Uzbek flower garden in a Central Asian mountain village.

We never considered that some of our kiddos might meet up to play Frisbee on the hill near Jalalabad.
  And ride down a mountain because we were all tired after a waterfall hike.
 Who knew we'd still be geeky homeschoolers together and press Kyrgyz wildflowers in Theo's homemade press?
On the side of the road. 
(We embrace geekiness and Charlotte Mason and nature studies so hard, man.)
  Strangest of all, who could have predicted that my friends from two worlds would someday meet and become friends themselves?

This is the best of all imaginings.  
Can you guess the beverage?   Zadie drank a whole mugful.
And realities.

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