Monday, May 21, 2018

Jbad Beautification Project

There's a new mayor in Jbad and he's pushing a city-wide beautification project.
This girl helped him out last Friday.  Or maybe he helped her with the festive flower arches.  They worked great to string up her display lines.  Either way, the city park was adorned once more with the artwork of talented local youth.
 Calla's vision for art in Kstan actually goes farther than skin-deep.  She's training students and teachers to see themselves as God-reflectors.  She's challenging post-Soviet mindsets to color outside the lines and sometimes clean off the canvas. 
Her students hear of their value to God and to their nation.
 On Friday, we helped her share the love.

 I manned the kids' table.  I felt wildly popular.
 This little gal sat at my table for three solid hours.  I found out later that she practically lives at the park, hanging out there with her little brother while their mama works, 
She asked me if we were coming back the next day.  I guess paint and string and butterflies add infinite interest to daily life in the park.
 These school girls were a little shy about starting.  They wanted to know how much it cost.  When they found out everything was free, they got into it.  At last count, they had created five masterpieces each.

Henna was a hit with the older crowd.  The park is a thoroughfare for high school and university students.  Go greased lightening.
   Will you look at these photos of the crowd around the henna girls. 
I'm not as popular as I thought.
I asked Theo if he begged Dee (below) for a picture with her.
 He turned all shades of pink and straightened me out, "Mom, she asked me three times before I said yes."
You gotta admire a persistent gal.
 As things were winding down, my little friend for the day came up to me, hesitating as if she were getting her nerve up.
I smiled at her.
"Spaceeba. (Thank you), " she whispered and dropped a tiny kiss on my cheek.  She darted away.
"Oh--," I whisped. (Which is between a gasp and whisper and should be a real word.)

I had just experienced the most beautiful thing in Jalalabad.

Mr. Mayor, take note.

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