Thursday, May 10, 2018

It Feels Like Summer

 Last fall the fam hand-spaded half the backyard and sprinkled grass seed among the plenteous weed seeds.  Now we're reaping the results.  It's so luxurious to have a lawn.  We're out there every day.
The cherries are just turning red;  the kids have a symbiotic thing going on--Isabel reads while they pick.  She and the Z girl have been enjoying the Little House series.
Today they started Farmer Boy.  While I was taking these photos, I got hungry just listening to the description of mealtime in the Wilder household.  Food Network's got nothing on Almanzo's mama. 
I think they're also hoping for a cherry dessert tonight. 
Bunny and Gracie also like the grass.  Bunny bugs the cat almost continually.  The torment has recently abated somewhat as Gracie is in the family way and refuses to run.

 Calla still runs every week. (How'd ya like that segue?) She also sews her own clothes. I guess she's getting on the blush bandwagon for summer.
 We are still hammering out school. 
 Curt is hammering numbers.  Wait--he calls it "crunching numbers."  I'd never heard that 'til I married him.  My family wasn't much for accounting.  He's trying to make our NGO's accounts balance to the som.  Which is like a penny, only more.  Number crunchers are finicky that way.
 I wanted to include a pic of each of us, and so I set up the camera timer to take a staged photo of Nial and I with his schoolwork.  I have good hair today, and he really was writing an essay for geography.
Alas, he smiled cheesily and I had three chins.  I had no idea.  I am dismayed.
So we will concentrate on pleasanter things.
 I wanted a succulent garden. Theo made me this awesome box, and I learned how to propagate wee, puffy plants via the world wide web.  The problem is that in southern K'stan, I can get my turquoise thumbs on exactly three varieties of succulents.  Four, if I stretch the definition.
 Therefore, my box looks nothing like the ones online.  I don't care.
Tell me these aren't the cutest things ever.
Succulents grow up too.  How about these blushing blooms?  Heart eyes.
These pre-summer days are treating us well.  Triple chins notwithstanding.

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