Monday, December 18, 2017

One for the Record Books

"This is the first time something like this has happened in our school.  Now it's part of our school history." --Educational superintendent in the village of Barpe--
This artist organized the historic event.  She's been training teachers in art education, and she's been teaching students in three different schools in Barpe.  Last Sunday, they all got together for an exhibition in the chilly hallway of one of the schools.
Set-up took a couple days.  Curt came through with the display boards.  He's kind of a genius.  
Sonja was basically Calla's right-hand gal all day.
The crowd slowly gathered.
 A ribbon kept the spectators at bay.
  Along with the feminist brigade.  Or female brigade.  Are those different?
 I had a job.
 The sole judge.  Because we had prizes.  Palettes with watercolor, brushes, paint and paper.

 My friend Allie teaches at this school.  We are the puffy coat trio.  It's a thing here.
It's called winter.
 Anyway, after the pictures were hung and judged, the superintendent made a speech and Calla and Sonja announced the winners.  But every exhibitor received a sugar cookie.  With leftover birthday sprinkles.

Then they cut the ribbon, and I thought I was at a rock concert.
Happily, no one got trampled.

 I nabbed a couple winners for a photograph.
I wonder if they realize they're history makers.

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