Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Breathing Tidings

 I didn't really over-think these words as I was painting them last fall.  They just fit nicely on the old bench I was repurposing.

But a couple people have mentioned that they are fitting for our house.  Even if you didn't know the carol.  Which most people here don't.

 Anyway, I like it.  I do want others to be enveloped by comfort and joy when they enter our home.  And I want my people to know and feel the true meaning of these tidings.

So, welcome.
It's been a pleasure to decorate a new-to-us home this year.  I'm sure you'll recognize some things.  I went with a "simple is better" this year.  It's having a calming effect on me.

 Long live Modge Podge.  Theo made the board.  I cut out the Merry.
First, come into the kitchen.

Moving along...
It was Nial and his friend who secured the tree this year.  It is VERY difficult to find an evergreen in southern Kyrgyzstan.  I mean, you can find ones that people have planted, watered and babied, but they don't want to sell them.  The guys found this in the middle of nowhere.  They were going to just take it, but their saw broke.  Nial's friend said that was probably God.  I'm thinking so.  As they were going to leave, they met people who knew the owner.  They called him up and made a deal.  Yay!  He said he had others for next year too.
We lopped a meter off both ends, did a little shaping, and voila!

 Theo again.  And Calla.

I've never ever had a mantle to decorate.
 Our "fireplace" is completely fake.

     It still is fun.

 What's with all the words this year?  No idea.  I just use what I find in the Christmas Rubbermaids.

 I'm soaking in the peace of the season.  Breathing comfort and joy in and out.
 I hope you're able to breathe as well.

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