Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Rest of It

 The setting sun created the illusion of a photo-shopped cow on the shores of Song Kul.  But I was there and so was the cow.
 These three will vouch for me, I'm sure.

 The guy with the sheep dung came by to light our fire, and the inside of our yurt cozied right up.
We slept soundly.  Well, there were the times I woke up to scurryings.  Little mice feet scurryings.  That would ruin it for a lot of you, I realize.  Me too normally.  But I didn't have anyplace else to go, and I've lived in K'stan long enough to just accept it.  Our standards have changed.

The next morning someone rounded up horses for the people who wanted to ride.
It was Calla's favorite part.  Especially after parting with Minnie's ears so she could see to canter along the lake at a good clip.
 The horse owners just let them take their horses into the wild blue yonder without any guides, helmets, or insurance assurance.
It started thundering while they were gone.  But they returned with stories to tell.  It seems somes horses just didn't want to move much.

Later, Zadie came running to our yurt, "Mom, some guys are doing horse stuff!"

And they were.  Snatching money off the ground on the go.
Playing horse hockey with a goat carcass.
It didn't take us long to realize that these were the same horses our families had ridden earlier that morning.
It was epic.

Some bodies did get altitude sickness for a day.  That was less fun.

The next morning, after a hearty, homemade breakfast of bread, crepes, doughnuts, yogurt, porridge, and jam, we waddled to our vehicles and headed home.
 I took less photos.
People along the way were helpful.  And curious.  They had never seen anyone like the Z girl or her little friend.
Village life is sheltered that way.
When we finally got back into cell phone range, our alerts started pinging.
The world had continued turning
while we ignored it
at Song Kul.

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