Monday, December 26, 2016


 Everyone has picture-perfect families at Christmastime.  I know because I've seen them on facebook.
I read a news report purporting that scrolling facebook during the holidays can actually make you depressed because of the idealized appearance of everyone's celebrations.
But I wasn't depressed.  Even though our relatives are flung to far corners of the earth, and our family Christmas card was non-existent, we've had a rich, rich Christmas.

I've realized that Norman Rockwell-style isn't the only way to experience holiday completeness.  I'm guessing there are many varied, albeit imperfect, Christmas get-togethers.

Ours started Christmas Eve in the morning.  With lasagna making of course.  This is my Italian friend, on whom I shower my 5 words of Italian every time I see her.  With gusto.
She taught me how to make fresh, sheet lasagna noodles (pan size) and bechamel cheese sauce.
I know.  Every other year she has made it with her mother and her grandmother in southern Italy.
This year was with me.
But wait.  It gets better.
 Then we made Biscotti al vino.  (Cookies with wine for all of you who only know two words of Italian.)  It was so legit, you guys.
Rich, in fact.

 A different day, my Kyrgyz daughter cut out her first sugar cookies in our kitchen.
Later, she made an igloo in the yard with some other Christmas yahoos.

 One evening this month, guests from all over K-stan dropped by for baked potato soup and fun.
 We didn't spend all our time in the kitchen.  Curt's office party was at a dancing club.  I'm serious.  Strobe lights galore.  And banana towers.
 We played embarrassing games with Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Swiss, Hong Kongese and American friends.
 Curt and I declared ourselves the winners.
 Christmas Day brought a whole bunch of family members masquerading as friends.
 There was a Guatemalan-American Joseph, a German Mary and a brown baby Jesus.
 Only a handful claim English as their first language.
Potato and Onion Tart
Practically every moment this season was unconventional.
And rich,

I hope you can see the wealth in your seasonal celebrations--whether they were rowdy or quiet, humorous or solemn.  
Especially if they weren't facebook perfect.  


jeanh said...

That looks like it will go down in history as one of your most fun-filled Christmases! That dancing was wild! Was there drinking involved?

Love you all!
Happy New Year to our Kyrgyzstan fam!

Mom,,,,Grandma H.

Wendy said...

Actually, that was a wild game involving a mandarin orange. The wild dancing was downstairs. With a smoke machine.

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